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Body-Saving Ride Technology is taken to the next level with the ProTour chassis. This is the first time a touring machine has capitalized on a new Protour chassis. “Magic-carpet-ride,” describes the ride. Comfort and clean 4-stroke power distinguish the Pantera from all other touring sleds.

A version of the Procross chassis comes to the touring segment. The all-new ProTour chassis features a tapered one-piece tunnel. The signature Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) sporting tall spindles and widely spaced A-arms, creates a ride that is both nimble and stable. You'll find this new chassis on the Pantera 7000 Limited and Pantera 7000.

The Lynx 2000 LT is built on the Twin Spar chassis which incorporates two box-aluminum spars triangulated with the steering supports, and tunnel spars are incorporated for an exceedingly rigid ride. Also, self-piercing rivet construction ensures joint rigidity and overall strength.

  • ProTour™ Chassis
  • Twin Spar Chassis


Arctic Cat offers two engine packages that are sure to provide you with the reliability you require when putting on the miles. You get the smooth 1049cc 4-stroke engine in the Pantera models and the 565cc fan-cooled engine on the Lynx LT.

7000 C-TEC4™ Engine

135-Class Horsepower

The 1049cc 3-cyclinder offers a new caliber of excellence in 135-class hp. This CTEC4 (Clean Technology 4-stroke) brings you advanced intake, exhaust and oil and cooling systems. The state-of-the-art fuel management system reduces emissions and increases efficiency. A large front-mounted radiator with heat exchanger provides superb engine cooling especially while riding at lower speeds.

135 HP

2000 2-Stroke Engine

65-Class Horsepower

The value-focused 565cc, 2-stroke fan-cooled carbureted engine is powerful, durable and efficient. Push-button engine reverse is standard with this fan-cooled beauty.

65 HP


The Pantera features the Slide-Action Rear Suspension credited for both accurate handling and a smooth ride. Three spring adjustment settings allow you to customize the ride to suit your weight and personal preference. Up front, the Arctic Cat Race Suspension (ARS) employs IFP gas shocks calibrated for comfort over varying trail conditions. There's even a sway bar.

A-Arm Attachment Points - Pantera How do you build a lighter, stronger A-arm? Start with a triangle. Then angle the shock load back toward the rider's mass. This provides ample shock reaction. Maximum valve and spring control allow for better cornering and bump absorption at high speeds.
Arctic Race Suspension - Pantera The front shocks are strategically aligned with the front spars to transfer the impact force to the upper spar assembly - the strongest point of the chassis. This almost eliminates body flex and provides a smooth, comfortable ride. The lighter one-piece forged aluminum spindle also improves turning radius. Both Pantera models come standard with Arctic Cat (IFP) gas shocks and a sway bar.

Slide-Action Rear Suspension™ Slide-Action keeps the suspension active, so while you're coupling under torque over bumps, you still have a free acting front arm. As the rear transfer blocks are engaged, the front arm drops down, allowing the track to reach for the next bump. The sled remains smooth and in control. In the corners, rider feedback is equally smooth and precise.

AWS™ VII Front Suspension - Lynx The Lynx 2000 LT comes equipped with Arctic Cat's legendary AWS VII front suspension. A sway bar and twin tube shocks give you the control and feeling you want. Providing you with a ride that reduces rider stress and fatigue. Hour after hour, mile after mile.

Drive system

The Arctic Drive System has evolved to efficiently handle the unique power characteristics of the 7000 4-stroke engine. Excellent clutch compartment cooling comes courtesy of the driven clutch’s larger fins and generous venting.

Arctic Drive System - Pantera The Arctic Drive System™ features a lightweight magnesium chaincase. The design incorporates a large driven clutch, optimal clutch spacing and is tunable.
ACT™ Diamond Direct Drive™ - Lynx The bulletproof ACT Diamond Direct Drive planetary gearcase allows lower track speed at clutch engagement without sacrificing top speed. More efficient transfer of power from engine to track ensures a smooth ride.

30% Lower Operating Temps - Pantera We've added deeper fins to our secondary clutch for improved cooling and high temp bearing material for less friction and extended durability. By improving our heat-treating process on both the secondary and primary clutches, you'll notice the higher quality and consistency between the two. Cooler clutches equals better performance and belt life.

Electric Start With a simple turn of the key, the new and improved electric start brings your Cat to life.

Push-Button Reverse The push-button reverse is all about quick, easy activation. Hit the button. Listen for the beep, beep, beep. And reverse you go.
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Trail Touring

MSRP Starting At $6,999 USD*

Pantera 7000 Limited


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Pantera 7000


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Lynx 2000 LT


$6,999 USD*

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