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Crossover | Aggressive On/Off Trail

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137" Ripsaw II Track 141" Cobra Track 141" Cobra Track 141" Power Claw Track
1.25" Lug 1.352" Lug 1.6" Lug 2.25" Lug
Trail Trail Trail/Off-Trail/Powder Off-Trail/Powder
Laydown Steering With 5.5" Riser Laydown Steering With 5.5" Riser Laydown Steering With 5.5" Riser Vertical Steering With Riser (9000, 7000) Telescoping Handlebar (8000, 6000)
Trail Seat Trail Seat Mountain Seat Mountain Seat
For the rider who likes long track comfort in a trail performance sled. For the rider who wants the performance and comfort to turn every ride into the next great adventure. For the rider needing a machine that excels on both the trail and in the powder. For the crossover rider who goes deep when the powder calls and demands the grip of a mountain sled.



The lightest, strongest and most-capable chassis we’ve ever built incorporates aluminum extrusions, stampings, forgings and castings in a design that sets the standard for high-tech design and construction. A forged steering housing ties together many of the load-bearing chassis components.

The ProCross chassis is made up of an inner- and outer-formed shell with boxed support structure to make up the two-piece tunnel, giving additional strength and weight savings. Put it all together and you get one amazing chassis.

The tapered tunnel design follows the form of your legs’ natural position, giving you better body control and more comfort. Large cutouts in the running boards reduce snowbuildup.

  • Two-Piece Tunnel
  • Tapered Tunnel Design


Arctic Cat builds the most powerful snowmobiles on earth. And while power and speed are very important to us, so is our ability to provide a full range of horsepower. Which is why you'll find a whole line-up of engines (2-stroke and 4-stroke) ranging all the way on up to 177 horsepower.

9000 C-TEC4™ Engine

180-Class Horsepower

The 9000 C-TEC4 turbocharged 1056cc 4-stroke engine produces 177 HP - at any elevation and temperature - making it the most powerful production engine ever in a snowmobile.

177 HP

8000 2-Stroke Engine

160+ Horsepower

The 8000, 794cc, liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine produces 160+ HP. It features a lightweight crankshaft, batteryless EFI, APV electronic exhaust valves, Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor™ and weight-saving engine-reverse technology.

160+ Horsepower

7000 C-TEC4™ Engine

135-Class Horsepower

This clean 1049cc 4-stroke triple produces 135-class leading horsepower and delivers excellent fuel economy. And EFI optimizes performance in all temperatures and altitudes.

135 HP

6000 C-TEC2™ Engine

125-Class Horsepower

The 6000 C-TEC2 2-stroke is powerful, durable, lightweight, fuel-efficient and pure Arctic Cat®. The electronic oil pump can accurately meter fuel/oil ratios not only by RPM, but also by altitude, dramatically reducing oil and fuel consumption.

125 HP


The best way to differentiate suspension packages is to identify the sled's shocks. The XF gives you the option of a softer LXR suspension (Arctic Cat IFP shocks) or the sportier Sno Pro suspension (FOX FLOAT 3 shocks). The Crosstour, Cross Country and High Country feature the more aggressive Sno Pro suspension.

A-Arm Attachment Points How do you build a lighter, stronger A-arm? Start with a triangle. Then angle the shock load back toward the rider ’s mass. This provides ample shock reaction. Maximum valve and spring control allow for better cornering and bump absorption at high speeds.
Arctic Race Suspension The front shocks are strategically aligned with the front spars to transfer the impact force to the upper spar assembly - the strongest point of the chassis. This almost eliminates body flex and provides a smooth, comfortable ride. The lighter one-piece forged aluminum spindle also improves turning radius. The XF LXR and CrossTour come standard with Arctic Cat (IFP) gas shocks while the XF Sno Pro, Limiteds, Cross Country™ and High Country come standard with FOX FLOAT® 3 socks.

Slide-Action Rear Suspension™ It’s on our race sleds. It’s on our consumer sleds. The Slide-Action Rear Suspension maintains a free-acting front arm while coupling under torque over bumps, and during aggressive cornering and acceleration. As the rear transfer blocks are engaged, the front arm follows the bump, keeping your skis firmly planted. It’s the only suspension featuring a U-shaped slot that fits over a fixed shaft to allow a crucial half-inch of sliding movement (Slide-Action). This significant detail controls ski lift during acceleration.

FasTrack® Rear Suspension The XF Cross Country and High Country is built on the ProClimb platform. Because of this, you will get all the benefits of a springless rear suspension featuring a FOX FLOAT® 3 air shock on the rear arm and Arctic Cat (IFP) front arm shock. The springless suspension reduces snow buildup weight while providing a full range of pressure/tuning options.

Drive system

It's not all about the engine. Performance also comes from the drive system. Our Torque Control Link™ provides proper belt alignment, which extends belt life, and the Arctic Drive System™ ties everything together nicely–providing you with the smoothest, most powerful ride out there.

Torque Control Link The Arctic Cat-exclusive Torque Control Link™ maintains a rigid connection between the engine and the jackshaft, maintaining perfect alignment of the drive and driven clutches for optimal performance. This feature is not on 7000 models.
Arctic Drive System The Arctic Drive System™ features a lightweight magnesium chaincase. The design incorporates a large driven clutch, optimal clutch spacing and is tunable.

30% Lower Operating Temps We've added deeper fins to our secondary clutch for improved cooling and high temp bearing material for less friction and extended durability. By improving our heat-treating process on both the secondary and primary clutches, you'll notice the higher quality and consistency between the two. Cooler clutches equals better performance and belt life.

Arcticwear and Accessories Catalog

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*MSRP excludes tax, license, registration, destination charge of $400 and dealer setup. Dealer prices may vary.